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This is the place to talk about all things related to CoMakery as well as how to improve the Comakery Server software on (see GitHub).

What we’re about: to achieve your big mission you need to bring people together around a common vision, let them know what they will get by contributing, and organize the work. CoMakery helps you do this with missions, projects, task workflows, tokens & payments.

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Hi! Quick intro. I started CoMakery in 2016 with some other great folks.

I’m excited about how we can upgrade our social networks and online communities to support our values and build things together. I write lots of code (Solidity, Javascript, Ruby, etc.) and I’m obsessed with variations on decentralized organizations, governance, DeFi, reputation, blockchains, and such.

Looking forward to hearing your introductions and chatting more with you here on various topics!



I’m Thomas the founder of the video based dividend ecosystem, Vevue.

We successfully utilized the CoMakery platform to engage with over 250 of our 2017 ICO participants. In exchange for completing pre determined tasks our participants earned Vevue’s Utility Token.

In 2019 we partnered with CoMakery to launch an Ethereum based Security Token smart contract with KYC built in, soon to start collecting dividends.

I’m interested in connecting dividend ecosystems to support UBI, and using the power of video to build a transparent future.



Hi Thomas! Thanks for joining the forum and for being one of the early pioneers building fully automated DAOs. Did you start in 2013/2014? Before? Great to have you here :slight_smile:

I think you also are the first person to recommend to me that I read Swarm Wise. For those that haven’t read it yet, it’s an important handbook for understanding the swarm organizational model.

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I met Noah back before he started co-makery and have been following with interest as my own work on our collective response to the climate crisis has evolved. I’m particularly interested in the Open Climate Collaboration mission and ways we can accelerate our action in the face of the climate crises!


Hi @cynthia , thanks for joining the forum! I just started this thread to talk about Open Climate Collabathon and climate action.


Hello : )

I’m Alex, developer at CoMakery specialised in Rails, JS and DevOps.
Hit me up with any questions regarding codebase or environment setup.


lol, oh how far Vevue has come since the initial post to find a developer back in 2012:

And our first crowdfund in 2013:

But it wasn’t until 2014 when I met my co-founder that we really started looking into how our Request model would scale using blockchain payments. Reading Swarm Wise definitely helped shape our vision of what was possible!

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Thanks Noah for publishing the CoMakery code and for creating this space for discussion.

I am interested to advance the open value network model and the IT infrastructure that supports this model.

I’ll try to identify how my personal interest intersects with your plans for CoMakery and contribute to advance both projects. can also be a testing ground for CoMakery.

I’ll definitly promote CoMakery :slight_smile:

My passion is about network-type organisational structures, peer production, open innovation and science.


Thanks @TiberiusB! Have you met @dazza ? I think you would have a lot to talk about related to @dazza’s interests in fully automated legal entities and your pioneering work implementing open value networks at

Dazza organized a great session on Automated Legal Entities at Earth 2030 @ Codex Future Law that may be interesting to you. The session video is here

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Hi… I’m an investor in CoMakery and a fan of Noah’s and here to see and support how this all unfolds…


Roy, thanks for joining the forum and for your support!

Also, for anyone who hasn’t seen @roybahat’s “This Is Not Advice About Work” periscope series it’s great. Roy and Minn Kim cover hard topics like: “I’m afraid of loosing my job. How should I prepare?” and “How should I tell my team I’m struggling with mental health issues?”. Very courageous, compassionate and genuine stuff.

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Hello all,

I’m Bart, I’m a software developer in San Francisco working for a startup where I write Ruby on Rails and (a little bit of) React/JS. I previously did software program management and I have my sustainable MBA from Presidio Graduate School as well as a couple of projects I’m helping out with related to climate change. Hoping I might be able to help out with the software where needed.


Hi Bart! Thanks for joining. Great to see you here.

Now that we published the CoMakery Server source code for philanthropic use we are unblocked on adapting it for climate initiatives with GRC, Open Climate Collabathon and others. I’ll be chatting with Climate Collabathon folks this week about how were approaching the November event and connecting with more folks too. We could definitely use your help if you have time.


Hi all,

My name is Ferananda Ibarra and its my passion and commitment to create life affirming economies through currencies, decentralization and the work of the commons. My main area of work is generating economic engines for Regenerative Agriculture with JustOne Organics. Our mission is Just Food for all by supporting farmers and soil. My other place of work, mostly in currencies and decentralized tech for the commons is Commons Engine where we are a super fan of CoMakery since many years. I would like to see it thrive! Great to be in such good company!


Welcome @Ferananda! Thanks for joining the forum. Here’s to all of our great projects thriving :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone! My name is Sid, I’m the founder of an organisation called Sacred Capital. The hope is to build ‘economic infrastructure for a more expressive society’. This takes shape through some of the reputational systems we’re building on Holochain (a reputation interchange and open-source libraries to articulate culture specifically).

More about my journey is in this interview with Holochain Citizen, and this article in the recent C4SS symposium.

Excited to see how Co-Makery evolves :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m Emaline Friedman. I co-direct the Commons Engine, a service organization for Holochain-based currencies, with @Ferananda. I’m also an independent academic writer with a passion for explaining the social and institutional affordances of p2p, decentralized tech to niche audiences. Comakery is an excellent case in point, and I look forward to recommending it to projects and tracking the sorts of organizations it ends up facilitating!


Welcome @sidsthalekar and @emalinus! Looking forward to getting more folks involved with the Commons Engine and Sacred Capital conversations here.

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Hi CoMakery family!

Im Martin Wainstein, Earth lover and founder of the Yale Openlab, the Open Earth Foundation, and the Open Climate Collabathon among other project that use collective knowledge, collaboration and code to help make sure we don’t screw up this unique planet.

Excited to use the CoMakery tool to drive collective action for high impact missions!