Open Climate Collabathon

CoMakery is a partner of the Open Climate Collabathon which hosts climate collabathons twice a year. CoMakery is part of the digital environment working group. We’ve been iterating on how the CoMakery Servers can support climate initiatives in the Open Climate Collabathon Mission. The solutions can also be repurposed for other climate initiatives on or using the CoMakery Server software.

@cynthia in your introduction you mentioned you are working on related climate initiatives. @TiberiusB here is in our Open Climate Collabathon working group and I suspect other open collabathon folks will join the forum soon.

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Indeed the synergy between the Collabathon and CoMakery is super exciting, since the collabathon can be described as a global movement of people working together to achieve a common Mission! The Open Climate Collabathon is about a shared platform for global climate accounting, but the model can be replicated for other global challenges. One of the particularly exciting parts is that the Collabathon is a decentralized and self-governed collective fiscally sponsored by the Open Collective Foundation, and one of the things to explore and test is how to create financial incentives and developer funds that can be used to compensate work done by the crowd, so making this direct link and application with CoMakery is, I believe, an exciting prospect for the future of collaborative work, and ideally job creation.

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Here is an image that sums this up for me. Its from a paper called ‘The Future of Crowd Work’ by Aniket Kittur


Thanks for chiming in @MartinW and great diagram. I have been chatting with @sidsthalekar, @Minds and others on the reputation systems portion.

In the great diagram above one blank spot is the incentive system which can be reputation, equity, money or intrinsic fulfillment. All except fulfillment can be tokenized (although matching interest to fulfillment is key to volunteer situations).

The other blank spot is funding or resourcing. That fits with open collective, DAOs, Gitcoin’s quadratic funding and @pospi’s Holo REA work (“meta-currency” resource event agent accounting).

I’ve been noodling on some formal models to show how this all fits together. It’s both complex and amazing how many places this is getting invented and reinvented right now. I think the only way to make fast progress on it is with composible small open source modules that fit together into what I believe is the future of networked organizations.


The SEEDS community is willing to reward all the organizations participating to the Open Climate Collabathon.
Have a look at for more details
and join the project if you think it is of interest.

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Great @Christophe I just followed your project.